Words cannot simply begin to describe how Debra has helped me to start to change my life, when i began seeing Debra i was broken , I was unable to see any light at the end of the tunnel, everything was dark almost all day everyday. Debra became my light and enabled me to look deep inside myself and realise i had the strength to make the changes i needed to make in order to live a fulfilled life- regardless of any pain i had experienced, and every step of the way i almost felt like she held my hand as i walked through it.

Having had negative experiences with previous therapists and counselors , Debra completely transformed my views, she is one of the most professional yet warm hearted understanding compassionate people i have ever met and she never fails to amaze me with her accuracy in understanding and interpreting my own feelings even when i can’t quite get the words out.

Seeing Debra on a weekly basis is my escapism and my safe and nurturing place . I feel at peace in my sessions and after i leave i always feel as though i am armed with the tools to continue my week on a positive note.

I have made so many changes , physical , mental and emotional since seeing Debra, and she has given me my hope back for the future , which will always be priceless to me. I am starting to feel better than i have in a long time and whilst my journey continues, i am now filled with hope and positivity that i will get to that place of inner peace. Debra’s warmth, care and guidance has been paramount to me and i can honestly say i wouldn’t have got this far without her! Thank you Debra ! X

Through Counsellor Dee’s guidance I have started down a path of personal growth, giving me the confidence boost I needed to be able to deal with my demons. She truly wants to help and our sessions have really become the highlight of my week.

The whole aspect of counselling was very helpful to me. Gradual changes over a few months have made significant positive changes in my life. Debra helped me talk about things I wouldn’t normally. It was a really helpful experience, thank you.

Debra is a dedicated counsellor. Anyone coming to Debra seeking to resolve issues in their life will be greeted by a trained and experienced counsellor. Her sessions have helped me greatly to reduce my anxiety and I would highly recommend her.

I turned to Debra when I realised that a number of issues were preventing me from communicating confidently and clearly with others. Debra provided a calm environment and helped me find clarity, and ultimately enabled me to rediscover my true self.